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Protecting water. Promoting Safety.
Carrico Aquatic Resources, LLC. team-members servicing a commercial pool system
Carrico Aquatic Resources, LLC. in-person training for commercial water safety and pool management

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Safe, Clean, and Sparkling Blue Water With top tier equipment and experts we can solve almost any pool problem

For facility operators and pool managers, Carrico Aquatics offers resource conservation including labor, water, electricity, chemicals and money. With top tier equipment and experts, we can solve almost any pool problem. We even solve your labor shortages with short and long-term operator services - or help you build your own highly competent staff with in-person Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or Aquatic Facilities Operator (AFO) courses.

Pool & Hot Tub Professionals Association Certified Pool & Spa Operator Badge
Carrico Aquatic Resources, LLC. is Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Certified
Carrico Aquatic Resources, LLC. staff conducting in-person Commercial pool safety training course

Pool Management, Supply, Classes, and Consulting Cost effective on-site training throughout the Midwest

We service commercial pool and water management clients, and offer on-site training, throughout Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Madison), Iowa (Des Moines, Davenport, Cedar Rapids), Minnesota (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester) and Upper Michigan (Marinette). Our approach is transparent and cost effective at nearly any commercial operating budget.